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hazy blue Catskill Mountains in distance


A View of Our Beautiful Area From Overlook Mountain's Fire Tower

View from Overlook Mountain 03

This view is looking southwest from Overlook Mountain, towards the central Catskill Mountains. As you can see, even though it was in the the winter (New Years Day 2005, to be exact), the atmosphere was unusually hazy. Very pretty, but not good for detailed photographs. Anyway, on the left is the frozen Ashokan Reservoir, with its weir structure dividing the western (right) and eastern (left) halves. The reservoir was constructed between 1907 and 1914 was was considered a major engineering feat at the time. In the foreground is the south shoulder of Overlook Mountain (3140 feet/957 m); beyond it is High Point (3080 feet/938 m).

Faintly visible is the WAMK (90.9 FM) transmitter, a low power repeater for WAMC (Albany Medical College/Northeast Public Radio 90.3 FM).

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View from Overlook Mountain 03 with annotation

  1. southwest spur of Overlook Mtn., 3140 feet (957 m)
  2. East Basin, Ashokan Reservoir
  3. Dividing Weir, Ashokan Reservoir
  4. West Basin, Ashokan Reservoir
  5. Ohayo Mtn., 1310 feet (399 m)
  6. Tonshi Mtn., 2020 feet (615 m)
  7. Ticetonyk[1] Mtn., 2510 feet (765 m)
  8. High Point, 3080 feet (938 m)
  9. Peekamoose Mtn., 3843 feet (1171 m)
  10. The Wittenberg, 3780 feet (1152 m)
  11. Mt. Guardian, 2090 feet (637 m)
  12. Cooper Lake (Woodstock)
  13. WAMK transmitter on southwest spur

  • [1]  Also spelled 'Ticeteneyck' (among other spellings), which more closely follows the mountain's namesake, a New Netherlands patent holder named Thjis ten Eyck (pronounced like 'Tice ten Ike'). Much of the mountain is owned by the Hellman family, of mayonaise fame.

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