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A Thought…

Broker. Is that really the name of a profession you want connected to helping you acquire wealth for retirement?

   — rob mccallum, Non Sequitur comic letters

A View of Our Beautiful Area From Overlook Mountain

View from Overlook Mountain 10

This ground-level view is looking northeast towards the town and village of Saugerties, New York. Saugerties, from the Dutch 't Zaugerties ("the little sawyer", probably referring to 17th century sawyer [sawmill operator] Barent Cornelis Volge), is perhaps best known as the host of the 1994 Woodstock Music and Arts Festival at Winston Farm (a.k.a. "Mudstock"!). It is pronounced "SAW ger tees" (with a hard "g" "grr" sound), but you can recognize a family that has been here since Dutch colonial times (New Holland) by the way they continue to pronounce the "het" ('t) at the beginning of the name (TSAW-ger-tees). Beyond Saugerties is the Hudson River; across it you can see Columbia (left) and Dutchess (right) Counties. Yes, it's spelled "Dutchess" and not "Duchess"; don't ask us why! (perhaps something to do with the original Dutch colonists?) Beyond these, on a clear day, you can just see into northwestern Connecticut and southwestern Massachusetts states.

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View from Overlook Mountain 10 with annotation

  1. Overlook Mtn., 3140 feet (957 m)
  2. Hudson River
  3. Village of Saugerties
  4. Columbia County
  5. Dutchess County

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