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When Noah landed the ark, he said, “Go forth and multiply.” Then he noticed two snakes hanging around and said, “Didn’t you hear me? Go forth and multiply.” And the snakes said, “But we’re adders.”    — Ermine Notyours

So Noah cut down a tree, removed the bark, and made legs to hold the body up. He told them, “Adders can multiply if they have a log table.”

Math major joke from my college days half a century ago.    — The Brooklyn Accent, Non Sequitur comic letters


PDF::Builder::Outlines - Further Outline handling

Inherits from PDF::Builder::Outline


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PDF::Builder -- Facilitates the creation and modification of PDF files


PDF::Builder::Annotation -- Add annotations to a PDF
PDF::Builder::Basic::PDF -- Various utilities and support routines
PDF::Builder::Content -- Methods for adding graphics and text to a PDF
PDF::Builder::Docs -- Additional documentation for Builder module
PDF::Builder::FontManager -- Managing the font library for PDF::Builder
PDF::Builder::Lite -- Lightweight PDF creation methods
PDF::Builder::Matrix -- Matrix operations library
PDF::Builder::NamedDestination -- Add named destinations (views) to a PDF
PDF::Builder::Outline -- Manage PDF outlines (a.k.a. bookmarks)
PDF::Builder::Page -- Methods to interact with individual pages
PDF::Builder::Resource -- Base class for PDF resources
PDF::Builder::UniWrap -- Support routines for finding line breakpoints with Unicode text
PDF::Builder::Util -- Utility package for often-used methods across the package
PDF::Builder::ViewerPreferences -- How the PDF should be displayed or printed


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