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PDF::Builder::Resource::CIDFont - Base class for CID fonts


$font = PDF::Builder::Resource::CIDFont->new($pdf, $name)

Returns a cid-font object, base class for all CID-based fonts.

$cidstring = $font->cidsByStr($string)

Returns the cid-string from string based on the font's encoding map.

$cidstring = $font->cidsByUtf($utf8string)

Returns the CID-encoded string from utf8-string.


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PDF::Builder -- Facilitates the creation and modification of PDF files
PDF::Builder::Resource -- Base class for PDF resources. Inherit from PDF::Builder::Basic::PDF::Dict


PDF::Builder::Resource::BaseFont -- Base class for font resources
PDF::Builder::Resource::ColorSpace -- Base class for PDF color spaces
PDF::Builder::Resource::Colors -- translate color names into RGB settings
PDF::Builder::Resource::ExtGState -- Graphics state dictionary support
PDF::Builder::Resource::Font -- some common support routines for font files. Inherits from PDF::Builder::Resource::BaseFont
PDF::Builder::Resource::Glyphs -- preparsed uniglyph.txt file information
PDF::Builder::Resource::PaperSizes -- list of standard paper sizes and their dimensions
PDF::Builder::Resource::Pattern -- support stub for patterns. Inherits from PDF::Builder::Resource
PDF::Builder::Resource::Shading -- support stub for shading patterns. Inherits from PDF::Builder::Resource
PDF::Builder::Resource::UniFont -- Unicode Font Support
PDF::Builder::Resource::XObject -- Base class for external objects

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PDF::Builder::Resource::CIDFont::CJKFont -- Base class for CJK fonts
PDF::Builder::Resource::CIDFont::TrueType -- TrueType font support


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