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PDF::Builder::Resource::ExtGState - Graphics state dictionary support


$egs = PDF::Builder::Resource::ExtGState->new(@parameters)

Returns a new extgstate object (called from $pdf->egstate()).

$egs->font($font, $size)

The current stroking alpha constant, specifying the constant shape or constant opacity value to be used for stroking operations in the transparent imaging model.


Same as strokealpha, but for nonstroking (fill) operations.


The current blend mode to be used in the transparent imaging model.


The alpha source flag (alpha is shape), specifying whether the current soft mask and alpha constant are to be interpreted as shape values (true) or opacity values (false).


The text knockout flag, which determines the behavior of overlapping glyphs within a text object in the transparent imaging model.


The graphics transparency, with 0 being fully opaque and 1 being fully transparent. This is a convenience method, setting proper values for strokealpha and fillalpha.


The graphics opacity, with 1 being fully opaque and 0 being fully transparent. This is a convenience method, setting proper values for strokealpha and fillalpha.


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