PDF::Builder::Resource::Font::BdFont - Module for using bitmapped Fonts.


    use PDF::Builder;
    $pdf = PDF::Builder->new();
    $sft = $pdf->bdfont($file);

This creates a bitmapped font from a .bdf (bitmap distribution font) file. The default is to use square elements, and the style can be changed to use filled dots (looking more like a dot-matrix printer). The font will be embedded in the PDF file.

Bitmapped fonts are quite rough, low resolution, and difficult to read, so unless you're a sadist who wants to force readers back to the good old days of dot-matrix printers and bitmapped X terminals, try to limit the use of such a font to decorative or novelty effects, such as chapter titles and major headings. Have mercy on your readers and use a real font (TrueType, etc.) for body text!


$font = PDF::Builder::Resource::Font::BdFont->new($pdf, $font, %options)

Returns a BmpFont object.

Valid %options are:


A value of 'block' (default) assembles a character from contiguous square blocks. A value of 'dot' assembles a character from overlapping filled circles, in the style of a dot matrix printer.


Alfred Reibenschuh, extensively rewritten by Phil Perry


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