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PDF::Builder::Resource::Font::Postscript - Support routines for using PostScript fonts

Inherits from PDF::Builder::Resource::Font



    PDF::Builder::Resource::Font::Postscript->new($pdf, $psfile, %opts)
Create an object for a PostScript font. Handles ASCII (.pfa), binary (.pfb), and T1 (.t1) font files, as well as ASCII (.afm) and binary (.pfm) metrics files.


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PDF::Builder -- Facilitates the creation and modification of PDF files
PDF::Builder::Resource -- Base class for PDF resources
PDF::Builder::Resource::Font -- Some common support routines for font files


PDF::Builder::Resource::Font::BdFont -- Module for using bitmapped Fonts
PDF::Builder::Resource::Font::CoreFont -- Module for using the 14 standard PDF built-in Fonts (plus 15 Windows Fonts)
PDF::Builder::Resource::Font::SynFont -- Module for creating temporary synthetic Fonts


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