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PDF::Builder::Resource::XObject::Form - Base class for external form objects


$form = PDF::Builder::Resource::XObject::Form->new($pdf)

Creates a form resource.

($llx, $lly, $urx, $ury) = $form->bbox($llx, $lly, $urx, $ury)

Get or set the coordinates of the form object's bounding box

$resource = $form->resource($type, $key)
$form->resource($type, $key, $object, $force)

Get or add a resource required by the form's contents, such as a Font, XObject, ColorSpace, etc.

By default, an existing $key will not be overwritten. Set $force to override this behavior.


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PDF::Builder -- Facilitates the creation and modification of PDF files
PDF::Builder::Resource -- Base class for PDF resources. Inherit from PDF::Builder::Basic::PDF::Dict
PDF::Builder::Resource::XObject -- Base class for external objects


PDF::Builder::Resource::XObject::Image -- Base class for external raster image objects

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PDF::Builder::Resource::XObject::Form::BarCode -- Base class for one-dimensional barcodes
PDF::Builder::Resource::XObject::Form::Hybrid -- support routines for Forms. Inherits from PDF::Builder::Content, PDF::Builder::Content::Text, and PDF::Builder::Resource::XObject::Form


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