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PDF::Builder::Resource::XObject::Image::GIF - Support routines for GIF image library

Inherits from PDF::Builder::Resource::XObject::Image


GIF89a Specification: https://www.w3.org/Graphics/GIF/spec-gif89a.txt

A fairly thorough description of the GIF format may be found in http://giflib.sourceforge.net/whatsinagif/bits_and_bytes.html.

Code originally from PDF::Create, PDF::Image::GIFImage - GIF image support Author: Michael Gross <mdgrosse@sboxtugraz.at>

Supported Formats

GIF87a and GIF89a headers are supported. The Image block (x2C) is supported.

The Graphic Control Extension block (x21 + xF9) is supported for transparency control. Animation is not supported.

The Comment Extension block (x21 + xFE), Plain Text Extension block (x21 + x01), and Application Extension block (x21 + xFF) are read, but ignored. Any other block or Extension block will be flagged as an error.

If given, Local Color Tables are read and used, supposedly permitting more than 256 colors to be used overall in the image (despite the 8 bit color table depth).



When defined and not 0, notrans suppresses the use of transparency if such is defined in the GIF file.

name => 'string'

This is the name you can give for the GIF image object. The default is Gxnnnn.


When defined and not 0, multi continues processing past the end of the first Image Block. The old behavior, which is now the default, is to stop processing at the end of the first Image Block.



Create an image object from a GIF input file. Remember that this should be invoked via the Builder.pm method!


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PDF::Builder::Resource -- Base class for PDF resources
PDF::Builder::Resource::XObject -- Base class for external objects
PDF::Builder::Resource::XObject::Image -- Base class for external raster image objects


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