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You might have noticed that I never complain about politicians. I leave that to others. And there’s no shortage of volunteers; everyone complains about politicians. Everyone says they suck. But where do people think these politicians come from? They don’t fall out of the sky; they don’t pass through a membrane from a separate reality. They come from American homes, American families, American schools, American churches, and American businesses. And they’re elected by American voters. This is what our system produces, folks. This is the best we can do. Let’s face it, we have very little to work with. Garbage in, garbage out.

George Carlin

Sample of Examples from PDF::Builder

Here is a sampling of the PDF output files generated from PDF::Builder's examples/ directory. They are a mixture of filenames, some requiring an explicit "perl" before them, and others having a ".pl" filetype, which, depending on how your operating system is set up, may automatically invoke Perl. Running tools/3_examples.pl -s will generate all this output.

Some of these produce a large number of rather large PDF files, so only a few have been chosen as a representative sample. See also README and examples.output for more information on what these examples are showing.

Output Names Program Name Excerpt? Notes
011_open_update.BASE.pdf, 011_open_update.UPDATED.pdf, 011_open_update.STRING.pdf011_open_updateno Opening and updating a PDF file (adding pages).
012_pages.pdf012_pagesno Adding pages out-of-sequence.
020_corefonts.Courier-Bold.latin1.pdf, 020_corefonts.Symbol.latin1.pdf, 020_corefonts.Times-Italic.latin1.pdf020_corefontsYES Demonstrate core font contents. All here are Latin-1 encoded.
020_textrise.pdf020_textriseno Demonstrate raising and lowering baseline (e.g., for superscripts and subscripts).
020_textunderline.pdf020_textunderlineno Demonstrate a variety of text underlining capabilities.
021_psfonts.URWPalladioL-Roma.latin1.pdf021_psfontsno Demonstrate a PostScript (Type 1) font, URW's Palladio L-Roma.
021_synfonts.Courier-Oblique.pdf021_synfontsYES Demonstrate a font modified with condensed, slanted, heavier, and small caps.
022_truefonts.times.pdf022_truefontsno Demonstrate a TTF font (Times-Roman) full character set.
022_truefonts_diacrits_utf8.tahoma.pdf022_truefonts_diacrits_utf8no Demonstrate a TTF font (Tahoma) Latin-1 character set plus the use of a combining diacritic (accent mark).
023_cjkfonts.KozGo.pdf, 023_cjkfonts.Ming-Bold.pdf023_cjkfontsYES Demonstrate some "CJK" font capability.
024_bdffonts.codec.pdf024_bdffontsno Demonstrate the "codec" bitmapped font.
025_unifonts.pdf025_unifontsno Demonstrate an SJIS-encoded page in several combinations of CJK fonts and western fonts.
026_unifont2.pdf026_unifont2no List a number of Unicode character ranges in several fonts, with glyph names.
030_colorspecs.pdf030_colorspecsno Demonstrate a number of different color models that are available for use.
031_color_hsv.pdf031_color_hsvno Demonstrate the HSV color model.
032_separation.pdf032_separationno Demonstrate CMYK color separations for printing.
040_annotation.pdf040_annotationno Demonstrate a number of supported document "annotations".
041_annot_fileattach.pdf041_annot_fileattachno Demonstrate document "annotations" that attach file.
042_links.pdf042_linksno Demonstrate linking to same and other documents (PDF and HTML).
050_pagelabels.pdf050_pagelabelsno Demonstrate page labeling (labeled slider thumb) options.
055_outlines.sample_55.pdf055_outlinesno Demonstrate generating outlines (bookmarks).
060_transparency.pdf060_transparencyno Demonstrate opaque and translucent text output.
BarCode.pdfBarCode.plno Demonstrate bar code generation.
Boxes.pdfBoxes.plno Demonstrate effect and usage of various PDF "boxes" (media, crop, etc.).
Bspline.pdfBspline.plno Demonstrate effect and usage of various graphical Bezier spline models (quadratic and cubic).
Column.pdfColumn.plno Demonstrate defined page columns with Markdown and HTML marked-up input.
Content.pdfContent.plno Demonstrate a large number of text controls and graphical drawing methods.
ContentText.pdfContentText.plno Demonstrate additional advanced text controls.
FontManager.pdfFontManager.plno Demonstrate the use of the Font Manager system to easily select and switch between font files.
HarfBuzz.pdfHarfBuzz.plno Demonstrate the use of the HarfBuzz text-shaping system for a variety of non-western writing systems, and ligatures and kerning in western alphabets.
RMtutorial.pdfRMtutorial.plno Rich Measham's basic tutorial on using PDF::API2, updated for PDF::Builder.
Rotated.pdfRotated.plno Demonstrate page rotation, such as for wide tables, within a document.
ShowFont.core.Helvetica.pdfShowFont.plno Show the single byte character sets, plus additional glyphs, for various single-byte code pages, for one font.

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