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The Earth is about 70% covered with water. Nearly all of it is uncarbonated. Ergo, the Earth is (mostly) flat!

   — Robert Craigs, Non Sequitur comic letters

Sample of Examples from PDF::Table

Here is a sampling of the PDF output files generated from PDF::Table's examples/ directory. The filenames all have a filetype of ".pl", which, depending on how your operating system is set up, may automatically invoke Perl. Running util/3_examples.pl will generate all this output.

Output Names Program Name Excerpt? Notes
colspan.pdfcolspan.plno Demonstrate colspan=n on table organization.
header.pdfheader.plno Demonstrate column headings.
header_repeat_with_cell_props.pdfheader_repeat_with_cell_props.plno Demonstrate repeated column headings, and also cell properties.
no_repeat.pdfno_repeat.plno Like "header_repeat", but with only one column heading across multiple pages.
row_height.pdfrow_height.plno Show the effects of specifying row heights.
sample1.pdfsample1.plno Demonstrate a number of PDF::Table capabilities.
chess.pdfchess.plno Show a chessboard (symbol font) with some effects, including alternating backgrounds.
border_rules.pdfborder_rules.plno Demonstrate a variety of frame and border thickesses and colors.
size.pdfsize.plno Setting column widths explicitly, instead of using the automatic sizing.
vsizes.pdfvsizes.plno Getting the row and overall vertical sizes without putting down any ink.

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