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Free software from CTS and others

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Much of the Internet runs on free software, and CTS wants to help contribute to this. This section is a collection of FAQs for Third Party and CTS free software, CTS-written free software you can download, and CTS-modified versions of Third Party free software.

Note that while all of this software is free as in "free beer", all of it is under some sort of fairly nonrestrictive license. Ownership and copyright of the unmodified product is retained by the original author, but you are generally free to modify and redistribute it so long as you do not impose a different (or at least, more restricture) license, or claim ownership. In any case, before copying/distributing either the original or a modified version, familiarize yourself with the license under which the work is distributed.

File Downloads

If you are trying to download human-readable text files (such as C code) from this site on your browser, and the resulting files do not display correctly on your machine, please let us know. We have not yet been able to test on Linux or Mac (or OS's other than Windows), and don't know if the code to modify line-endings is working right on non-Windows machines. We will need to know the browser "User Agent" string, which includes the OS (e.g., "Windows NT" or "Mac OS X"). You can request https://www.catskilltech.com/?agent to get this string, and copy-paste it into your communication. It would be helpful to know what end-of-line marker is supposed to be used on your system (newline, CRLF, carriage return, or something else, if you know it). Thank you!

Note: For Windows machines, the end-of-line is CRLF. Depending on what editor you use, you may see some "junk" such as ^M at the end of each line. Sorry about that — that's the price to pay for having something like Notepad correctly display the file. In the ViM editor, the following will get rid of those ^M's: :g/\r/s/\r// (and save the file).

Frequently Asked Questions

Downloadable Code

  • new window for Perl PDF library PDF::Builder — Perl library to create and update PDF documents  Last updated Tue, 09 Jan 2024 at 3:22 PM

    A Perl language library to create or update PDF documents (Adobe's Portable Document Format definition for version 1.7). This is a fork of the popular PDF::API2 library found on CPAN, and kept up-to-date with the latest official CPAN releases. It is further updated with my bug fixes, and many new features are planned to be added.

  • new window for Perl PDF table library PDF::Table — Perl library to create tables for PDF documents created by PDF::Builder or PDF::API2  Last updated Sat, 08 Apr 2023 at 2:49 PM

    A Perl language library to create or update PDF document tables via PDF::Builder or PDF::API2. This is the library used with PDF::Builder or PDF::API2 document builders to insert HTML-style tables. It has been maintained by many people over the years; currently by Phil Perry, previously by Desislav Kamenov, and still earlier by others. New features are still being added.

  • new window for Perl Knuth-Plass library Text::KnuthPlass — Perl library for the Knuth-Plass paragraph shaping (line-splitting) system  Last updated Sat, 08 Apr 2023 at 3:14 PM

    A Perl language library to split up text strings into paragraphs, using the famed (La)TeX Knuth-Plass algorithm This is the Perl implementation of Knuth-Plass line-splitting (paragraph shaping), as used in (La)TeX. It is being maintained and updated.

  • new window for error page maker Error Pages — C program to create Web error document (.shtml) pages  Last updated Thu, 26 Jan 2017 at 7:09 PM

    Easily build "error document" files for your Web site, according to a standard template. Produces 400.shtml, 401.shtml, 403.shtml, 404.shtml, 406.shtml, and 500.shtml with customization (site name, webmaster email, etc.) according to a named configuration file. Can easily be expanded to produce files for other error numbers.

  • Watch for more exciting  free software coming soon!

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