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Warning from US Navy Weapons Safety lecture: “Every Single One of these ‘Idiotic’ safety rules was written right after Someone Died From Doing That.”

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Perl library for creating and updating tables in PDF documents

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What is it?

PDF::Table is a library to format tables for insertion into PDF documents, using either the PDF::Builder or the PDF::API2 PDF-creation libraries, called from a Perl program. The PDF library (e.g., PDF::Builder) makes certain objects available to PDF::Table, as well as providing support services, and handles the overall PDF creation task. PDF::Table is called from within that library, to place tables of specific layout at the current active place on a document page. Tables may split across pages.

Note that PDF::Table, unlike PDF::Builder or PDF::API2, does not provide a set of low-level building blocks, but rather, is an all-in-one "table" call with very complex and flexible input. The table layout capability is a bit richer than that found in HTML/CSS, with a great deal of control over row, column, and cell properties, as well as rule and border formatting. With PDF::Builder as the underlying engine, PDF::Table cell content may be defined using Markdown or HTML markup languages. However, note that PDF::Table itself does not use HTML tag markup, nor does PDF::Builder currently support HTML table tags! The only way to put a table into a document is to invoke PDF::Table.


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