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There are three kinds of people: the optimists who see the glass as half full, the pessimists who see the glass as half empty, and the engineers who see the glass as being twice as large as it needs to be.

   — Anon

Terms of Service (TOS)

This page contains material that may be referred to as the "Terms of Service".

General Terms and Definitions

CTS, we, our, and us refer to the owner and operator of this site, Catskill Technology Services, LLC.

You and your denotes a visitor to, or customer of, this site, or any other person, robot, or party visiting or making use of the site who is not part of or directly working on behalf of CTS.

Robots refers to all non-human visitors, including (but not limited to) web spiders, bots, indexers, robots, crawlers, harvesters, spambots, or any other computer programs designed to access, read, compile, or gather content from this Web site. A Web browser being used to read (or convert to speech) any pages on this Web site for the immediate use of a person operating the browser is not considered a robot for these purposes, except if any information is saved or harvested for other uses.

Use of this Web site and all pages on it constitutes a legally binding agreement by you (whether you are a human or a robot) to abide by the terms listed on this page. Robotic visitors (such as search engine spiders or spambots) are subject to these terms, which will be enforced against the person or persons authoring, controlling, dispatching, or otherwise making use of the robotic visitors. The access rights granted to you under these Terms of Service are non-transferable without the express written consent of CTS.

Additional Terms

Various parts of the CTS Web site may include supplemental or additional terms to what is given on this page. These should be construed as being in addition to the terms on this page, rather than replacing them. For example, a forum, blog, or discussion board may include supplemental terms governing the proper use of that board, such as allowable content and the rights of CTS to edit content.


All material presented on this site, unless otherwise indicated, is the property of CTS; and is protected under domestic and international copyright laws.
© copyright 2005 – 2024 by CTS. All rights reserved.

  • Do not steal any materials or content, including images (graphics and pictures). Caching by search engines and Web browsers is permitted, so long as no claim of ownership of these materials is made by those other than the rightful original owners.
  • If you first ask permission to use text or images for noncommercial purposes, we will usually be happy to oblige. For commercial purposes (purchase of images or republishing of extensive amounts of text), contact us for permission and fees. Our contact points are listed here.
  • Do not "hot link" to any materials, including images (graphics and pictures) — that's theft of the bandwidth we've paid for.
  • "Deep linking" to an individual page on this site is permitted, so long as this site's navigation links are not interfered with (i.e., a browser should be able to click on any page's links to move about this site).
  • It is expressedly forbidden for any system to modify these pages before presentation to a browser, or to place advertising or other material on or over a page.
  • Do not use our name in any form, including business name, trademarks, or domain name, in such a manner that would bring disrepute or bad publicity upon us. This includes, but is not limited to, using our name to "stuff" a page with text for whatever reason, such as to capture search traffic. A legitimate listing of links to domains, such as by a registrar, is benign and permitted.

The conditions listed above apply to all files stored on this site, regardless of whether they are normally displayed by a Web browser.

Email (e-mail) Addresses and Related

You (whether a human or a robot/spambot), may not harvest any email addresses listed on this site for purposes of sale, distribution, spamming, or anything other than the legitimate sending of email for business purposes related to this site. This covers both CTS email addresses and any third party email addresses listed on any forum or message board.

Email addresses on this site are considered proprietary intellectual property, and are provided for the convenience of human visitors alone. You acknowledge and agree that each email address contained on this Web site has a value of not less than U.S. $50. You further agree that the compilation, storage, and/or distribution of these addresses substantially diminishes the value of these addresses. The damages incurred include (but are not limited to) time spent having to deal with and clean out junk mail ("spam") received at these addresses, and damages to usability and reputation caused by falsely listing these addresses as senders of spam (such as being blacklisted). Intentional collection, harvesting, gathering, and/or storing this Web site's email addresses (CTS and other parties) is recognized as a violation of this agreement and is expressly prohibited.

CTS reserves the right to record visitor's IP (Internet Protocol) addresses, for use in tracking down spambots and other unwelcome visitors deemed to be causing harm to CTS, this Web site, or other parties. CTS reserves the right to blacklist IP addresses of visitors who engage in any prohibited activity (including, but not limited to, email address gathering and spamming), and to report them to third parties, including spam blacklisters and legal authorities.


Please read the Privacy page for more information on personal privacy and information you give to CTS.

Forums and Discussion Groups

CTS uses SMF (Simple Machines Forum) for discussions. There is a separate file ("agreement.txt") that you must acknowledge reading and agreeing to before you can finalize your forum registration. The "agreement.txt" is accessible at any time via the "Terms of Service" link on any forum page, if you would like to refresh your memory. If CTS updates or modifies the "agreement.txt" at any time, you will be notified by a method described in the "agreement.txt".

Please note that the "agreement.txt" is a supplement to terms and conditions presented on this page (Legal) and on the Privacy page, and does not replace or override these pages' terms and conditions. It regulates use of the discussion group (forum) and spells out rights and obligations of members using the forum. The general public ("visitors", "non-members", or "guests") may read the forums, but do not have the ability to make posts.


The gray-shade gradient "cts" logo appearing on each page is a registered trademark (®) of CTS. Other trademarks (™) claimed by CTS include "Catskill Technology Services", "Catskill Tech", and "catskilltech". This list is not exhaustive — CTS may claim trademarks on other names not listed here.

Trademarks and registered trademarks of other firms may be used on this site. CTS will attempt to indicate their status when first used on a page, but can make no guarantee that it will catch all trademarks and service marks thus used. Even if not explicitly marked as ®, ™, or ℠, all other trademarks and service marks remain the property of their owners. If you see your firm's trademark or service mark used without attribution, please feel free to contact us and bring it to our attention — we will be happy to quickly correct the oversight.

Warranties and Guarantees

Product and Service warranties and guarantees are provided with each product or service. See that particular product or service's page and description for a link to the appropriate warranty or guarantee.

Software Licenses

Software Licenses for our products will be generally either a binary license or a source license (sometimes both). See that particular product's page and description for a link to the appropriate license.

Applicable Laws

Catskill Technology Services, LLC is a Limited Liability Company formed under the laws of the State of New York, in the United States of America. Unless otherwise specified, this firm operates under state laws of New York and federal laws of the United States.

Sales and Use Taxes

CTS is obliged to collect sales taxes for all recipients of products and services within New York State (and yes, New York City is part of the State!). The amount taxed includes Shipping and Handling charges, and is based on the recipient's local tax rate, not CTS's (thank you, New York, for making it so easy to do business here!). New York customers, please pay close attention to instructions on paying the proper sales tax rate when making an online purchase. Note: certain entities are exempt from paying sales tax. If you claim an exemption, please provide your exemption certificate number.


All content © copyright 2005 – 2024 by Catskill Technology Services, LLC.
All rights reserved.
Note that Third Party software (whether Open Source or proprietary) on this site remains under the copyright and license of its owners. Catskill Technology Services, LLC does not claim copyright over such software.


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