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A Thought…

A foreign businessman goes to Russia on behalf of a large company, looking to build a factory. He contacts several construction companies to get quotes.

The Germans tell him that they can build the plant with top of the line materials and engineering for 2 million euros.

The Turks tell him they can build the plant cheap, for only 1 million euros — but quality will obviously suffer.

Then along comes a Russian contractor. He tells the businessman that he has the best solution! Pay him 3 million. He will hire the Turks to build the plant for 1 mil, and he and the rep each get 1 mil for themselves!

   — AndreiROM, worldbuilding.stackexchange.com

Technical Services From CTS

Catskill Technology Services offers a variety of computer and technical services at very reasonable rates. Whether it's application programming, Web site programming, providing new tools to make you more efficient, technical writing and editing, or other services you need, we can help!

  • Web Site Development — we can design and implement your Web site for you, or just fix up and extend an existing one.

  • Custom Programming services — we have experience in Fortran, C, C++, Perl, and other languages, whether you need a new application or enhancements to an existing one. Technical and scientific programming is our specialty!

  • Quality Assurance testing and QA automation development — we have performed both QA testing, and the automation of routine QA tasks, including driving web interfaces using Selenium.

  • Technical writing and documentation services — we have experience in writing manuals and guides for various software products, as well as the editing and updating of existing literature. Talk to us about converting hard copy documentation to HTML softcopy!

  • Watch for more exciting technical services coming soon!

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