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Technical Services From CTS

Catskill Technology Services offers a variety of computer and technical services at very reasonable rates. Whether it's application programming, Web site programming, providing new tools to make you more efficient, technical writing and editing, or other services you need, we can help!

  • Experience with open source Perl libraries — we are very familiar with the Perl libraries for PDF generation (PDF::Builder), PDF document table generation (PDF::Table), and Knuth-Plass paragraph shaping (Text::KnuthPlass). We also have some experience in other Perl packages, and in supporting Perl programs in general.

  • Technical writing and documentation services — we have experience in writing manuals and guides for various software products, as well as the editing and updating of existing literature. Talk to us about converting hard copy documentation to HTML or PDF softcopy!

  • Generation of PDF documents, and conversion from other formats (including HTML) to PDF — starting from softcopy or hardcopy.


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