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Practical Computing / Re: Building an application framework
«  April 28, 2017, 04:32:33 AM »
I have implemented a number of Wordpress sites and made changes to many more. WP's reputation of being easy to implement and update rests largely on the admin features for installing and updating versions and plugins; that and the easy lookup of plugins, reviews of their quality and compatibility information.

In practice, someone wanting to set up their own site for e-commerce, marketing or, generally, something more than plain pages and a blog will typically need one or more paid plugins (or a paid theme consisting of them) unless they are prepared to compromise significantly. Very often these do not come with maintenance updates outside a paid agreement.

People ask for a site to be built for them based on WP on the assumption that when they get it back they will be able to look after it themselves. They are recommended WP as the suitable platform for their site by the mentors whom they pay for regurgitated internet wisdom.

There is a middle ground of savvy owners who benefit from WP as a platform; not into the nitty gritty of coding but with a logical bent and willingness to dig around and find where to change things. If they are able to commit the time, they can find themselves a set of building blocks and get them to stick together in something approximating the desired shape, without needing to be a developer.

BUT.... it's.......... reeeeaaaaaaaally................................................. ................................. slow
especially with themes that offer responsive design and visual editing, although this may be better now that some of this is built into the core
It seems to me that WP sites which are proper applications are best avoided unless on wordpress-optimised hosting. I've no idea what this really consists of but guess it might be some clever kind of caching.

What you're talking about sounds like a high-level framework with a common set of modules that are extensible... and a real datamodel that's not crammed into blog posts and categories.

I don't know but maybe somewhere like Ruby on Rails is a place to start? My knowledge is limited to a quick google search!

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