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PDF::Builder v3.024 Released, 12 September 2022
   Please see the CPAN listing, GitHub entry.

PDF::Table v1.003 Released, 05 July 2022
   Please see the CPAN listing, as well as the GitHub entry.

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Catskill Technology Services, LLC!

Who are we? Catskill Technology Services, LLC (CTS) provides a variety of computer and software related products, consulting services, custom programming, and website design from our home in famed Woodstock, New York. And some other stuff, too! Come browse through our pages and find out everything you ever wanted to know about us (but were afraid to ask…). Perhaps you'll be inspired to visit the beautiful Catskill Mountains and Hudson River Valley some time soon!

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Free Software to download, as well as help on some popular Web applications  Last updated Fri, 22 Jul 2022 at 7:58 PM

   PDF::Builder, a free Perl library for producing PDF documents
   PDF::Table, a free Perl library for producing tables in PDF::Builder documents
   Text::KnuthPlass, a free Perl library for breaking up a string into a paragraph

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A pretty picture from Overlook Mountain

© 2005, Phil M. Perry

A picture taken on a snowless New Years Day, 2005, from the south side of Woodstock’s Overlook Mountain (near the peak), looking west over the central Catskill Mountains. You can guess why that at various times the Catskills have also been known as the Blue Mountains.

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A Thought…

Those [gas station] air pumps used to be free, now they cost money. Do you know why? Inflation.

   — *Chris*, Dilbert comic letters


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