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Historic computer pioneers

Posted on 2023-Mar-05 at 10:28:00 by Phil

In this thread, I want to list various online articles relating to the history of people in computing, that is, the pioneers of the field. To start out, a couple of looks at Knnrad Zuse, creator of an astonishingly modern binary computer architecture in World War II Germany: here and here.

Posted on 2023-Mar-05 at 11:20:00 by Phil

Here is a series from the Computer Museum, featuring lectures by pioneers such as Zuse and Hopper: Part I and Part II.

Posted on 2023-Mar-06 at 13:48:00 by Phil

Here is a look (1996) at the origins of the personal computer industry by columnist Robert X. Cringely, featuring interviews with the Two Steves; Bill, Paul, and Steve; and many others: Part I and Part II.

According to this, Gary Kidall of Digital Research (CP/M fame) did not lose out on selling CP/M to IBM because he was out flying his plane (the usual story). What happened was… well, you can watch the show!


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