PDF::Builder::NamedDestination - Add named destinations (views) to a PDF


$dest = PDF::Builder::NamedDestination->new($pdf, ...)

Creates a new named destination object. Any optional additional arguments will be passed on to destination.

Destination types

$dest->dest($page, %opts)

A destination (dest) is a particular view of a PDF, consisting of a page object, the location of the window on that page, and possible coordinate and zoom arguments.

    # The XYZ location takes three arguments
    my $dest1 = PDF::Builder::NamedDestination->new($pdf);
    $dest->dest($pdf->open_page(1), 'xyz' => [$x, $y, $zoom]);

    # The Fit location doesn't require any arguments, but one is still
    # needed for the hash array
    my $dest2 = PDF::Builder::NamedDestination->new($pdf);
    $dest->dest($pdf->open_page(2), 'fit' => 1);

See "Page Fit Options" in PDF::Builder::Docs for a listing of the available locations and their syntax.

"xyz" is the default fit setting, with position (left and top) and zoom the same as the calling page's.

Target Destinations

A go-to (link) action changes the view to a specified destination (page, location, and magnification factor).

Parameters are as described in dest.

Alternate name: goto

Originally this method was link, but recently PDF::API2 changed the name to goto. "goto" is added for compatibility.


Defines the destination as launch-url with uri $url.

Alternate name: url

Originally this method was url, but recently PDF::API2 changed the name to uri. "url" is retained for compatibility.


Defines the destination as launch-file with filepath $file and page-fit options %opts. The target application is run. Note that this is not a PDF or a browser file -- it is a local application.

Alternate name: file

Originally this method was file, but recently PDF::API2 changed the name to launch. "file" is retained for compatibility.

$dest->pdf($pdf_file, $pagenum, %opts)

Defines the destination as a PDF-file with filepath $pdf_file, on page $pagenum, and options %opts (same as dest()).

Alternate names: pdf_file and pdfile

Originally this method was pdfile, and had been earlier renamed to pdf_file, but recently PDF::API2 changed the name to pdf. "pdfile" and "pdf_file" are retained for compatibility. Note that the position and zoom information is still given as a hash element in PDF::Builder, while PDF::API2 has changed to a position string and an array of dimensions.


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